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DASS creates settings, designs installations, gives shape to ideas in the sign of creativity with full respect for the brand philosophy.


Thanks to a shared creativity, made up of awareness and knowledge, and built through experience, the extraordinary becomes possible, ideas take shape, brands appear on the market in a new tailored guise, to answer to specific communication needs.


DASS is a leading company in the setting up of customized temporary and permanent spaces. We meet the most specific exhibition needs in trade shows, in the study and construction of exclusive showrooms, in planning, designing and creating elegant and contemporary interior spaces, in the fittings dedicated to events and exhibitions.

The company is characterized by a team of qualified professionals, a solid structure that in over 20 years of experience has acquired skills and confidence, with the aim of facing new design challenges, ensuring quality and accuracy in the result.


Passion meets preparation, enthusiasm marries creativity, responsiveness of intervention includes careful attention to detail in the design and implementation of each project.


DASS features a Design Studio and a Production Division: distinct entities, but strongly connected. Both guarantee excellence in the creative phase of a project and in its realization in order to offer the customer a turnkey and exclusive service.


Our manifesto is a declaration of intent, it is the soul of our company, it is the motivation that drives us to carry out our work with passion and competence, it is the synthesis of the values ​​that inspire us. Our manifesto is the essence of our profession, the mission we start from, the vision we aspire to every day, creating exclusive and refined spaces.


We believe in design, which takes shape in its purest essence through creativity. We believe in research and innovation that develops from a deep knowledge of tradition, capable of giving life to a never predictable evolution.


Our commitment is to find solutions in a sector where design and production coexist, in a constant balance between creativity and functionality. We create fittings for trade shows, exhibiting spaces, interiors; we set up locations for events: creative solutions and realizations based on already defined concepts, always studying every detail with awareness.

Each project is unique for us, always a new story. Each fitting expresses an idea, each detail tells unique values. This is a source of inspiration for us, the stimulus that leads us to always improve, project after project.


We firmly believe that dialogue is foundation of success, that sharing ideas and knowledge is the first step in creating excellence, that individual skills combined with teamwork lead to extraordinary creations.


Trade shows are unique opportunities: the stand becomes an immersive brand experience and it carries out a possibility of maximum expression of the company's values ​​and offer.


DASS is a trusted partner in simplifying and realizing all needs of a trade fair, studying and creating stands distinguished by unique settings, tailored to the specific needs of the customer, with the purpose of showing all the communicative potential of the brand.


The study of the latest architectural and technological trends is the mantra that moves the design in the company. We are always looking for cutting-edge solutions that can amaze visitors, welcoming them into a stand that is a feeling to be experienced.

DASS supports the customer in every phase of the booth realization: the concept, the design, the management of the space, the creation of the best display solution for the products presented at the fair, the choice of audio and video equipment, the preparation of materials and the assembly.


The deep and complete knowledge of the most important international exhibition centers and the competence in the bureaucratic aspects related to the preparation of the fair, complete a highly qualified offer, able to support the customer in all phases of the event planning.



DASS is a general contractor of permanent installations such as showrooms, offices, training rooms and custom interiors. New ways of living spaces, when elegance and functionality meet and create a new balance people-oriented. Realization of interiors for offices, stores, private homes: in every project DASS chooses to start from people, from the specific needs, from the explicit needs, up to those less conscious.


Coordination of all the professionalism involved in the project becomes a guarantee of efficiency. Taking care of every detail, every aspect related to the setting up, starting from the inspection, to the feasibility study, to the analysis of the products on display, up to the realization of the concept and the setting up, DASS redefines the way in which spaces are lived, where safety and comfort are the pillars.

In compliance with current regulations, DASS adapts spaces to the latest protocols of prevention, with the inclusion of partitions, graphics and paths designed to guarantee physical distancing between people, using quality materials, easily sanitizable and designed to last.



Setting up an event means to give it shape, to define the essence and the development. DASS takes care of the realization both for small and large events installations. With awareness, competence and creativity the project of an event takes shape at every stage of preparation, through the definition of space, attention to detail, the choice of ideal elements to show the communication message of the client. The highly qualified technical approach and, at the same time, the creative dimension the company approaches each project with, allow us to achieve exclusive results in full compliance with the schedule: not-ordinary scenery and installations designed to characterize a special event.

We coordinate the rental of audio and video equipment, tensile structures, stages and grandstands for indoor and outdoor events and we support the customer in the selection of partners for each service related to the complete success of the event: a professional and reliable assistance, based on experience and results obtained over time.

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